Something Sweet

Hey everyone!

Every now and then (so basically every night), my friends and I try to find something fun or new to do. Now, after MANY hours of brainstorming and planning, we usually find ourselves giving up and just watching a movie or something equally basic in someone’s room.

As much as I love watching movies, there is a time and a place for that, and that time should not be every night and that place most certainly should not be New York City.

So last Thursday, we all planned to go to this place in Greenwich Village called which is basically like an ice cream shop, but in addition to ice cream, they have various flavors of edible cookie dough instead. And by edible, I mean being made with pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour for those nervous about getting salmonella or any other gross food illness from regular cookie dough.

I know…amazing.

You’ve probably seen many posts about this little shop on Facebook and Twitter, as many people have, us included. By the time we arrived the line was out the door and we contemplated waiting for another day, but after remembering how good of a treat we were in for, we decided to stay.

We waited for about 45 minutes, however this is probably because we went around 6:30 pm which is there most busiest time. However, seeing how long the line looked, we actually moved through pretty fast.

DŌ has several different flavors, from basics like Sugar and chocolate chip, to more specialty flavors like oatmeal M&M and Fluffernutter (a mix of peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and dark chocolate chips).

You can opt for add-ons like cones and toppings, but I decided to go for straight dough in a cup, the best way to eat it in my opinion. They have cups in increments of 1,2, and 3 scoops of mix-and-matchable flavors. Being that I waited in line for a good amount of time, I decided to treat myself and get 2 3-scoop cups, one for now and one for later haha. I got scoops of oatmeal M&M, chocolate chip, and peanut butter snickerdoodle. My personal favorite is the oatmeal M&M, but they were all so good.


All in all, it made for a good night with friends and something to post on Snapchat to make my friends on the west coast.

Words of advice, the 3 scoop cup may look like it could be eaten in one sitting, but my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach. I barely ate the little dollop above the cup that night and still have plenty more to last me a couple weeks. But it does make for a good night time snack (maybe not so much for my waistband, but that’s something to worry about later). There site states that the dough can be kept refrigerated for up to 3 weeks, or frozen for up to 3 months, and even better, you can bake with it to turn these raw goodies to fresh baked munchies!

I hope you enjoyed my first post, stay tuned for more!