Calm Before The Storm

Moving from California, one of the adjustments I had was to the weather. Gone were the warm sunny days that always seemed to be perfect to weather that could freeze my hands should I keep them out too long. Even worse, my closet needed some adjusting too! Instead of t-shirts and shorts, I’ve had an influx of scarves and sweaters instead. (More than I care to admit actually)

While Winter and Fall are my favorite seasons to dress for, I was honestly getting tired of all of the layers I had to throw on, just to take back off once I got inside.

Thankfully, that adjustment seems to have settled in, and in good time! While I’m holed up in my room writing this post, there is a decent snow storm happening outside my window. That being said, yesterday was PERFECT. It was a cool 60 degrees with a light breeze. A great day to be outside. (Considering the temp has previously been in the 30s and 40s)

So you best believe that I used that as an excuse to throw on one of my fave Spring outfits.

Instead of the dark grays and blacks of Winter, I opted for a brighter palette of white and blue with a hint of brown. This is a nice casual and comfortable look that gets me through my long walks and even longer classes. Wearing a simple extra-long tee from CottonOn, I layered it with a light plaid shirt from American Eagle just to add some structure to my look and make it look like I tried and didn’t wake up 5 minutes before my class.

Layering is key to any outfit, it can elevate what used to be a drab, boring look to something worth writing about (literally). So next time you put on a simple t-shirt and jeans, throw on a scarf, sweater, or over-shirt. It’ll make it fun and unique, not to mention to keep you looking good.

Since there was a light breeze, I did wear my FAVORITE navy trench from Zara that I hadn’t worn in months since the temp refused to go above 40 degrees. Its nice and light, yet kept me warm enough when I wasn’t in the sun.

Keeping with the shades of blue, I wore a medium-wash pair of H&M distressed skinny jeans that have the perfect amount of stretch that fit nicely yet with the utmost comfort by not being too constricting.

I finished off this outfit with a pair of brown faux-leather sneakers from Call It Spring and a leather messenger bag to carry around my laptop and all of my books.

There is a lot of blue in this outfit, but by changing the shades of the color and adding a few neutrals, it makes for one, cohesive look.

What are your favorite seasons to dress for? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography courtesy of my best friend Annie Swenson @anniejuxin