Fashion Feature: Harrison Allen

Meet Harrison

Harrison is an aspiring film maker and photographer, and also happens to be one of my closest friends. While he usually finds himself behind the camera, that doesn’t prevent him from always dressing like he’s ready for his next close-up.

Harrison is originally from a small town in the cold state of Vermont, famous for their maple syrup (a fact in which he will never let me forget…ever). While his roots may stem from the country side, his fashion is something I find to be city-indie-chic.

He often wears dark neutrals which somehow always seem to mesh together in the perfect way without being overwhelmingly gloomy. A fan of scarves, he elevates his looks with these accessories to not only keep his neck warm in these cold times, but to also add structure to his outfit.

Most impressive is his knack for being an excellent thrifter. By that I mean about 85% of his closet is made up of stylish, comfortable, and name brand articles of clothing that he acquired at a fraction of the cost. Save for the black leather jacket from Black Rivet and his stunning Fossil watch, which I like to call investment pieces (yet he still ensured he receive the best deal for each), the remainder of his clothing was purchased at an average of $15-$25. Through his amazing skill and eye for quality, he has kept this price point constant when purchasing many items from brands such as Gap jeans to Aldo boots and sneakers.

Harrison’s style is certainly unique and proves the point that high fashion does not always have to come at a high price.

How do you save on fashion? Let me know in the comment below!

To see more of Harrison and his amazing photography, follow him at @vermont_is_cold