Day In The Park

I had been constantly bugging my friends to go out on a picnic with me for the past couple months, well actually since August when it was still possible to enjoy a day in the sun. But alas, we never found the time.

Through some strange act of nature, this past weekend went away with the normal February freeze and provided a nice Spring warmth instead. Not knowing how long this amazing weather would last, I finally convinced a couple of my friends to make the trip uptown to Central Park and enjoy a nice picnic.

Knowing that we had a three day weekend due to President’s Day made the whole trip even better; no homework stress or time constraints, just a relaxing day in the park.

So I packed my trusty backpack with a book, a picnic blanket, some snacks and a chicken wrap, and off we went.

My friend Annie and I met up with our friends Drew, Julia, Conor, and Brittany and we took the 6 train uptown. We originally wanted to set up shop in Sheep’s Meadow, but decided against it last minute as it was one of the park’s “quiet zones” (meaning no loud music or disruptive noise) and the large speaker Brittany brought was begging to be used. So instead we headed to The Great Lawn which is the large patch of green found near the center of the park (between 77th and 89th street). To our disappointment, the lawn was closed off for the season due to reseeding and maintenance, so we settled for one of the surrounding areas.

The rest of the evening was spent talking, listening to music, taking pictures, and playing the Peanut’s version of Uno (why, I don’t know, you’d have to ask Conor about that one). We were surrounded by plenty of other families, friends, and couples on a date, all who had the same idea of not letting this beautiful day go to waste.

Whenever you get a chance, I highly recommend having a picnic in the park, or even just a nice stroll around the area. You might even see me there every now and then 🙂

Where is our favorite area of the park? Let me now in the comments below!

My Look:

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Shirt: H&M

Pants: Cotton On

Shoes: Call It Spring

Photography courtesy of Julia San Adreas @julia.lou and Drew Brown @drewboi44