Winter is Ending?

Spring break just started for me, and what better way to start it off then with a fresh snowfall?

While the rest of my friends in California are getting ready for the beach, I’m bundled up trying not to get snow in my boots. I’m not complaining though, I have yet to become a jaded east-coaster and seeing the snow cover the streets is always a dream to wake up to. Upon checking the weather this morning, I was more than ecstatic to see 100% chance of snow in the forecast. As the winter season is winding down, my snow days are numbered, and I intend to make the most out of them.

One style rule I always stand by is to layer and structure your look. And there is no easier season to do this for than winter, throwing on a colorful scarf or basic beanie is an easy way to elevate your outfit.

Spring is quickly arriving, so I wanted to utilize my favorite Winter coat and boots before I have to stow them away for another couple months.

Having worked for Banana Republic for the past year and a half, my closet is made up of a majority of Gap Inc. clothing. While my employee discount was the driving force behind most of my purchases, I do value the quality and style their brands create.

Today I’m wearing a camel coat, a staple for any man’s wardrobe, by Banana Republic which served me well these past couple of months. It was from their Fall 2016 collection, and you better believe that I snatched it up the moment it hit the racks. The coat is a cotton, wool, and cashmere blend and is reinforced by a weatherproof lining throughout the body, sleeves, and even the pockets. The miracle blend of fibers keeps the warmth in and the cold out without getting me overheated, and the weatherproof lining keeps wind and water from reaching my body. Who needs those unsightly puffer jackets when this all in one coat exists?

While the coat may keep the top half of me warm, my Palladium boots are the ones that make sure I’m not slipping and sliding on the New York streets. Palladium is a shoe and boot designer originally from France, but what makes their boots special is the unique tread they use on all of their shoes, modeled after a tire tread to make sure you have a thick, stable barrier on your soles. I’m wearing a boot from their waterproof collection, and what I like most about this brand is how they balance functionality with style. The rubber structure of the boot keeps you warm and dry while the woven and leather design keeps you looking good.

Under my coat I have a basic tee from good ‘ole BR and I layered it with a denim jacket from Gap who also happens to have made my jeans today as well. I topped this look off with a pop of color from my American Eagle scarf.

While I can’t wait for Spring to come, I will definitely miss my snow days.

How do you feel about the snow? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography courtesy of @anniejuxin