On the Lookout: PsychoBunny x James Goldcrown New Release

Just in time for summer, up and coming brand Psycho Bunny opened their new pop-up shop at Rothmans, a family owned men’s department store, in their Manhattan location at the corner of 18th Street and Park Avenue this past Thursday. In addition to celebrating the opening of the new pop-up, they also held a release party for their collaboration with artist James Goldcrown on a new line of product. The party, held within Rothmans, made for a good night. The construction of the pop-up gave off a retro-summer vibe, with a hard wood cabinet as the centerpiece, featuring their product lineup, the super cool neon bunny sign, detailed to the turf-carpet and tube-tvs as decor.

So a little bit about the brand. Psycho Bunny is a New York based company that was launched in 2005 by creators Robert Godley and Robert Goldman. Getting their start with a line of neck wear for men, they have since branched into multiple pieces, from board shorts to denim. Most notable is there line of colorful polos, each embroidered with their unique twist on the iconic skull and crossbones, substituting the former with a cute yet equally menacing bunny. In the past 5 years, the brand has grown and developed, its colorful pieces becoming no stranger to a man’s closet. In addition to there recent pop-up shop at Rothmans, you can also find the Psycho Bunny shop-in-store at various Nordstrom and Bloomingdales locations.

Psycho Bunny has partnered with renowned artist James Goldcrown, known for his famous Lovewall murals that you’ve definitely seen on social media, to create a limited edition series of graphic tees, each retailing for $60. (See more of his work @jgoldcrown)

While the polos and board shorts may not be my exact style, I’d definitely snag up this unique and fun graphic tee, makes for a great layering piece, especially for the summer!

Regardless, don’t miss out on your chance to make a trip to the pop-up to get your hands on this limited edition line, or even if it’s just to check out the amazing mural that will be on display outside of the store for the duration of the shop from June 1st through July 6th. #instaworthy trust.

If you can’t find yourself to make the trip, definitely check out their website here to view the line in addition to the rest of their products!

What’s your favorite way to style a graphic tee? Let me know in the comments below!

Photography was taken by me unless otherwise noted in this post.