Get Kinky!

I would like to apologize in advance for the terrible quality of the photos, but this was a last minute adventure after all. And no, I am not encouraging or discussing the actual act of “getting kinky” in whatever form you wish to take that (but live your life, I’m not judging haha). But I

Day In The Park

I had been constantly bugging my friends to go out on a picnic with me for the past couple months, well actually since August when it was still possible to enjoy a day in the sun. But alas, we never found the time. Through some strange act of nature, this past weekend went away with

Something Sweet

Hey everyone! Every now and then (so basically every night), my friends and I try to find something fun or new to do. Now, after MANY hours of brainstorming and planning, we usually find ourselves giving up and just watching a movie or something equally basic in someone’s room. As much as I love watching